Original Population ‘Traditional’ Herefords

We first started breeding Hereford Cattle at Honour Farm in 1987.

In 1990, after substantial research into the Hereford Breed in Britain and also particularly North America, we determined to breed exclusively, Traditional Hereford cattle, that is, pure Original Population Hereford cattle of British origin, containing no imported bloodlines and now marked with an asterisk on their pedigrees in the Herd Book.

We are Members of The Traditional Hereford Breeders Club (THBC). The THBC was set up in 1996 with the support of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST), to save the Traditional Hereford from extinction and to protect, increase and promote the Traditional Hereford as a commercially viable beef breed.

A Brief History & Comment

Why Original Population ‘Traditional’ Herefords?