More about Original Population ‘Traditional’ Hereford Cow families

There are 22 ‘Traditional’ Hereford Cow families still in existence in this country.

In 1994 when the formation of the THBC was first being considered, there were 37 Traditional Hereford Cow families. The loss of 15 female Families in 21 years is a near catastrophe for the breed. Further, it highlights the almost negligent lack of concern of the Hereford Cattle Society, its Governing Council and sadly many Hereford Breeders, at this loss of pure British breeding stock and its valuable genetic store.

Fortunately, with the advances in DNA analysis and testing, the true origins of all Hereford cattle are now able clearly to be identified. It may be possible, therefore, to safely recover from Australia and North America some of those female Families now lost to this country.