Bulls For Sale

We have a selection of bulls for sale and ready to work. Some stock bulls that we have used on the Hereford and Dairy herds which have proven themselves and young bulls ready to go to work for the first time.

Prices vary and we very much recommend coming to view all the bulls to see which ones suit your needs.

Boresisle Scimitar – UK260431501130 – born-04/03/2018

Boresisle Uniform – UK260431501298 – born-23/02/2020 (DH)

Boresisle Ulysses – UK260431501375 – born-06/04/2020 (DH)

Boresisle Valetine – UK260431601453 – born-15/03/2021 (DH)

Boresisle Victor – UK260431201463 – born-18/03/2021 (DH)

Boresisle Vincent – UK260431101490 – born-28/03/2021 (DH)

Boresisle Virgil – UK260431601495 – born-30/03/2021 (DH)

Boresisle Vernon – UK260431301499 – born-02/04/2021 (DH)

Boresisle Voltaire – UK260431201519 – born-07/05/2021 (DH)

Boresisle Volume – UK260431601523 – born-28/05/2021 (DH)